Our courses are designed to offer a practical approach to Mindfulness in today’s busy world. They will develop skills that lead to higher concentration and attention levels, enhanced well-being and resilience, reduced stress and increased positivity.



Our Mission

The central objective of our online courses is to help you cultivate a personal Mindfulness practice. Our course themes are designed to  encourage participants to flourish intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually


‘In today’s rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just Being.’- Eckhart Tolle



Online Course Programmes include:


  • 20 hour online course reading, videos and guided meditations,
  • tutor monitoring and feedback,
  • lifetime access to emails,
  • course online handbook,
  • multiple choice questions with each module                                             


One course is €65, 2 courses are €85, or €95 for a bundle of 3 courses.

Course 1: Mindfulness & Stress Management.

This course is designed to offer a practical approach to mindfulness in today’s busy world. It will develop skills that reduce stress and increase positivity and contentment. Participants will acquire a set of empowering tools and techniques to enhance their daily living.


Course 2- Mindfulness, Well-being & Happiness:


This course offers a range of positive skills & strategies to promote mindfulness, well-being & happiness. All course themes were chosen to enable participants to flourish intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

Course 3: Resilience, Self-esteem & Self-empowerment.

The course is designed to examine the significance of self-esteem, self-empowerment & resilience. It has been specially created to assist participants in their personal and professional self-awareness and self-care.

For further information or to make a booking check out  https://teachersummercourses.ie/year-round-courses/


Meet the Team

Combining Teaching, Mindfulness, IT, Reiki, Music, Business and Counselling skills, our experienced, multi-disciplinary married team have been facilitating workshops and seminars for over 19 years.


Our team of professionals will assist you to design personal goals:

  • Strengthen your Personal Foundation,
  • Offer Stress Management & Mindfulness Techniques,
  • Develop your Personal Effectiveness,
  • Maximise Performance & Potential,
  • ​Offer Self-Empowering & Resilience Strategies,
  • Design your own Destiny!​

Our new e-Book

We are delighted to present our bargain e-book, a combination of ancient Celtic wisdom, images and Mindfulness. Food for thought for Mindful living. Available now on Amazon for $2.99


 “Presents of Mind” Shop 


To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, and following the success of our exhibit at the Rathcoole Christmas fair, we have decided to sell our “Mindful” picture frames online.

All frames are €15 (& postage).

Orders can be taken by phone or email.





Light Moments

We are living in exciting times. We are ascending to a better world, where love, peace & prosperity will prevail 2021 is the year of Disclosure. The Light is exposing the darkness & Truth & Love will prevail.

Ascending Moments

We are here to assist the ascension of earth and her people. Let us fan the flames of consciousness. Let us lead the way by showing compassion, integrity & love to everyone.  We are graduating to a higher dimension, in accordance with Divine Love   

Golden Moments

Your inner light is your ticket to Ascension. Turn away from the current fear and the drama, and focus within. You are a spark of Divine Consciousness, surrounded by Infinite Love


For Further Information,

Please email info@irishmindfulness.ie

or phone us on 0402 33612


Online Course Testimonials:


 “A very enjoyable course. Very interesting and lots of practical ideas.”-Kate

“A great course. Practical, informative and easy to navigate”-Paul

Mindfulness Seminars

“Thanks for the restful and relaxing Mindfulness Seminar at Hunting Brook Gardens “.   Ciara 

“Thank you Julie & Michael for the wonderful Seminar in Mindfulness & Stress management.” Sue