New Year Moments

A new year has begun, filled with sunlight & promise after the stress and anxiety in 2020. Times are changing, and a new era has began. We believe the light is alchemizing the darkness, exposing corruption & lies; giving people hope and solace.

Healing Moments

You are welcome to join us this festive Sunday evening at Facebook 8pm as we light a candle to send healing, love & light to our island Ireland & world

Festive Moments

This charming short rhyming children’s Christmas story tells the tale of a special star, on that first Christmas night. A little star is touched by the love of the baby Jesus, and fills the world with love and light. Available for $0.99 on Amazon.

Hopeful Moments

As we navigate these strange and challenging times, rest assured there is light at the end of the tunnel. Join us on FB at 8pm tonight as we light a candle & send healing, love & light to our island Eire & around the world.  

Enlightening Moments

At this time of the year and this time of our global development and evolution, we all could benefit from vibrant light. Let the light shine on us, and through us to illuminate our lives.

Enlightened Moments

As Europe experiences extensive lockdowns, our world needs all the love & light we can offer. Join us live tonight at 8pm on FB. We will light a candle to send healing, love & light to our island Eire and round the planet.