Human Moments

As we enjoy this beautiful sunshine, remember you are a human being & be kind, be happy, be love 💚

Light Moments

Like the golden sunflower, let us turn our faces towards the light. In these times of fear and uncertainty, know that love and light will prevail.

Thankful Moments

As the world becomes aware of the cure for Covid, we give thanks for the brave President  of Madagascar. A new era has begun 🌍 💚

Silver Lining Moments

Today  let’s focus on the silver linings associated with the current climate.  People are spending more time at home, reflecting on their priorities.  Children are enjoying fun times with their parents. People are giving generously to charity, while the sun shines down on our flourishing gardens. Let us be thankful for these opportune moments, as a new reality emerges ☀️

Leadership Moments

In these strange times, we are fortunate to have many spiritual leaders to inspire us, from Eckhart Tolle, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Buttar to our own Sr. Stan. Try to spend some time listening to their words, to nurture and soothe the soul. 

Easter Moments

On this unusual Easter morning, I am inspired by the words of John O’ Donohue. He reminds us that there is an inner loving light within, shining brightly and illuminating the way. Let us be thankful for that infinite spark, for family, friends and of course chocolate! Happy Easter everyone  🐰🐣

New Era

Early this morning, a unique astrological portal and a global mass meditation occurred.  Millions united to meditate for healing, peace, freedom, love and light for our world. A new era has begun 💚

Irish Moments

This St Patrick’s day, I have decided not to feed the fear frenzy, and to celebrate the best of the Irish instead.  We have so much to be grateful for- our scenic beauty & Celtic heritage, our kindness & compassion, our ceol & craic. Wishing you health, hope & happiness this Patrick’s day