Transitioning Moments

As we transition from 3D to 5D, you are welcome to join us each Sunday evening at 8pm (GMT) on FB as we light a candle to raise the vibration of our country & world. Let us align ourselves to the values of Love, Peace, Integrity & Compassion, as a new Era emerges 

Unity Moments

Only We, at this moment, can remind ourselves that we are sparks of Divine Consciousness. We were born to live in peace, unity, harmony and Love. Most of all: let us remember and tell the truth about our origins, about our DNA, our wisdom taught from the Source. We will not live in fear, or listen to any other voice, than the voice within.
We were all One.

Awakening Moments

2021 is the year of Awakening. The Light is exposing the darkness & Love will prevail. In these strange & stressful times, do not despair.  Remember Hope springs eternal, and a new earth is forming. It is time to choose. Let us align ourselves to the values of Love, Peace, Integrity & Compassion, as this new Era emerges 

Equinox Moments

As we celebrate the Equinox, remember you are a spark of Divine Consciousness. Follow your intuition and stay out of fear. Love is the Key

Worldly Moments

As we enter the 5th dimension, we are moving into a world where love and compassion embrace. A new golden Renaissance for humanity awaits us

Awakening Moments

2021 is the year of the great Awakening. Currently the Light is exposing the darkness and evil that has pervaded our planet for centuries. However hope springs eternal, and Truth & Love will prevail 

Valentine’s Moments

On this Valentine’s  day, which celebrates love, let us remember who we are- sparks of Divine Consciousness  & love.  Let us serve one another & let us love each other. Globally it is now the time of the great divide, where opinions differ between loved ones & friends. Let us try to accept our differences & show respect, compassion & Love for each other.  As the American visionary Jason Shurka says- “Divided we fall, but United (in love) we Rise.”

GESARA moments

The Light forces are collapsing the dark consciousness of Fear, Control greed, divide & chaos that have been controlling humanity for thousands of years. We are now moving into the timeline of GESARA which over 200 countries worldwide signed up for. This wonderful Paradigm shift offers prosperity & financial abundance to everyone.